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without precipitation. the rain is gone. there could be some fog in some neighborhoods. upper 50's and low 60's right now. 62 at the airport right now. once the low clouds burn off, we will get sunshine to break through this afternoon. we expect a high temperature around 80. first we say good morning to sarah and see what is happening on the road to. >> we have a pretty serious accident northbound 95 at the chesapeake house. heavy delays. all northbound lanes are closed. three tractor-trailers are involved in an accident. there is a fuel spill. watch for heavy delays. all northbound lanes are closed. eastbound route 40, watch for a downed tree that is blocking the
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eastbound direction. outer loop looks good on the north side. west side in great shape. about seven minutes down to the torpor tolls. here are some live pictures -- down to the harbor tolls. all northbound lanes are closed on 95 at chesapeake house. pulaski highway ensure all to that. 95 north of chesapeake house, you can see southbound traffic getting by. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a fire in little italy left more than 100 people without power all day long. >> kim dacey joins us with more details. good morning. >> crews have been out all night and they remain on the scene this morning trying to fix the problem. about 40 customers have already
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had their power restored. the rest will have their power on later today. something went wrong with an underground power cable. some transformers blew. video was shot of the fire. it was a big mess that left dozens of restaurants without power. they reached for flashlights and candles. restaurants and needed to salvage a food. several hundred pounds of dry ice was broadened to keep the food cool. there were shot down on what should have been a busy sunday. >> it is always good when there is football going on. it is a big loss. tens of thousands of dollars. >> b.g.e. is still investigating what caused that cable to blow. most of their customers should have their power back on bite
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this afternoon. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 3 townhomes were damaged after a fire that happened just after 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning. fire officials say it's part in a home that was being renovated. it then spread to two other homes. >> it was scary. the flames were huge. it was frightening. >> nobody was injured. because of the fire is still under investigation. >> police have identified the people found dead in a home saturday night. a woman and a man both died from apparent gunshot wounds. it happened on bonnybridge place. the victims lived together and had children. found to them and
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called 911. >> the search continues for the driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run. a motorcycle and a car were traveling northbound around 7:00 p.m. saturday night when the car struck the motorcyclist and then fled the scene. gerard grant was flown from his motorcycle and later died at shock trauma. police are looking for a mercedes. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. >> police are still on the lookout for an inmate then escaped friday afternoon. paul palmer complained about a hand injury and was able to flee on foot. police believe he is traveling with a female in a silver 2008 kia spectra. if you have any information, you are asked to call 911.
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prosecutors allege three people gunned down ken harris outside a northeast jazz club. 12 jurors were picked out of a pool of more than 700 people. the trial is expected to last at least a month. >> the ravens football season begins tonight. it all begins in new york when the ravens face off against the jets. the ravens broadcast team is your home for prime-time football five nights a week. on wbal-catch the show's plus. the latest schedules are on our website, that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what are your predictions for
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the baltimore ravens this season? e-mail your response to the august recess is now over. >> lawmakers return as the midterm campaign season is underway. kate amara is live in our washington bureau with the details. >> good morning. as lawmakers get ready to give back to work, democrats and republicans are sparring over the bush tax cuts which are set to expire at the end of this year. congress returns today with an aggressive agenda and a split focus -- tackling legislation and the economy. the economy is issue number 1. >> i want to do something for all americans who pay taxes. if we extend the tax cuts, we
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should extend the current tax rate to all americans. >> they have what it takes to turn the economy around. >> things are getting better. 3 million jobs have been created. we are not where we want to be. we want to get the 8 million jobs back. >> lawmakers facing pressure from the president, trying to push his strategy. >> let's get done what we all agree on. >> a battle for tax incentives and the fate of the bush era tax cuts. >> democrats want to eliminate them. it is a good defining issue before an election. >> it would cost four trillion dollars to extend tax cuts to everybody for the next 10 years. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> what other issues are on the
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legislative list? >> one measure the congress must pass is a temporary spending measure. without it, the government will run at of money for the upcoming fiscal year. >> that would be a problem. kate amara, live in washington. 62 degrees on tv hill. another wildfires in colorado destroys hundreds of acres. >> the digging continues where minors are trapped down below. minors are trapped down below. the latest
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at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. >> welcome back. 64 degrees downtown. you can see a little bit of fog in that shot. the visibility may be down in a couple of neighborhoods. as we head through of the day,
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the clouds will break up. we will get sunshine this afternoon. we expect a high temperature of route 79 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we will give you an update on the tropics. >> officials say digging continues as part of the rescue of 33 trapped miners, even as another approach stalls. they stopped a plan b approach after a drill broke off. the plan could take months to reach the miners. the rescue effort involving a precision drill should begin in about a week. relatives have been in touch with the miners. the miners have been trapped since august 5. >> fire has torched many acres in colorado. retardant has been dropped to knock them down. at least two structures have
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been destroyed by the fire. no reported injuries and no word on how this fire started. the trial state is expected to be set later today for a man trying to blow up an airplane on christmas day. the judge wants lawyers for the man to give her an update on the case. she will then set the date. he is accused of detonating a bomb on a flight from amsterdam to detroit. he's being held in a federal prison in michigan. 62 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> experts warn us about a new computer virus. that is straight
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> if you're heading north towards delaware, you might have a problem. >> cecil county, all lanes of 95 are closed up towards chesapeake house because of a tractor- trailer accident. three tractor-trailer's are involved. there is a fuel spill. this is a live view of the accident scene. you can see nothing getting by in the northbound direction. you might want to consider pulaski highway as an alternate. we're not seeing any problems there. this is north of chesapeake house. you can see southbound traffic getting by. number back, nothing at all.
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pulaski highway is a much better bet. that is the only problem other than a downed tree. we're checking speed sensors. 53 on 95. the rest of the major roadways are looking good at this hour. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> good morning. we're looking pretty good on the system. we do have some bus delays. the 11 bus has a 20-minute delay. there is a diversion that light and pratt. light rail and metro subway are both on time. no delays on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines so far. now back to tony pann. good morning. >> good morning. we are off to a fairly quiet start. we had some much-needed rain over the weekend.
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now we have some low cloud cover and some fog. 59 in columbia. 62 at the airport. a cool start for us today. look close. you can see below cloud cover. it is out there and there have been a few reports of drizzle. i do not think we will have a big problem as far as the weather is concerned during the drive time. there is some light rain around cleveland. this is associated with a weak cold front. it should come through dry. most of the rain should stay north of us. high pressure should take control of our weather. we will be fined through wednesday. our next chance for rain will be thursday into friday. the major player in the tropics is hurricane igor with sustained
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winds of 1 1/3 miles per hour. it has a defined eye. the hurricane center thinks it will stay north of puerto rico. it may be close to the east coast of the united states as we head into next weekend. it is a dangerous hurricane. a mixture of clouds and sunshine here at home. some sunshine later today. tohs in the upper 70's around 80. it should stay dry with upper 50's and low 60's of tonight. nice weather tuesday and wednesday. mid to upper 70's both days. the next chance for rain will be late thursday and into friday. it looks like a decent weekend at this point. sunshine and near 80.
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>> getting another flights may bumped.easy if you're a bomb several airlines flew busy. bumping has been up. ray lahood is considering requiring airlines to raise the fee they paid to bumped customers. there is a rhythm in sales patterns. a professor has found people tend to buy things to improve their lives when they get paid. supermarkets are stocking their shelves are accordingly. they put smaller items towards the end of the month. security experts resume work after zero in in on a free e-
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mail that promises free pornography. we have the latest from chris clackum. >> the subject line reads "here you have. >> it promises free pornography on the other end. >> using sex as a way to get people to collect on a link. >> clicking on this one unleashed a virus that first tries to on installed security software and then spreads itself by sending the same e-mail to all context in a victim's address book. that could prove embarrassing. >> if you fall for this and are affected, e-mail will go out with your name on it. the people know you felt for that social engineering trick. >> if first surfaced last week. nasa, ag, a disney, and wells
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fargo have all reported an outbreak of the worm. work to eliminate it will continue today. avoid it is thefforde same as a decade ago piqua it never clicked on a link in that e-mail. >> chris clackum, nbc news. >> the ipad is getting a new challenger. a new era in wireless technology. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning. >> we're looking strong on wall street. regulators agreed to give banks as long as eight years sister holding more cash reserves. they hope this will prevent another financial crisis. stocks were higher back on friday. reports out of china increased
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investor optimism. bloomberg sources say there will be a new tablet computer from samsung. at&t and sprint will sell it for last night bundling it with a service contract. it could be unveiled this week in new york. the headquarters has one single wireless hot spot. no matter what building workers are in, they have access to a steady web link. they carried long distances and through wall. google and sprint nextel are making plans for this wireless plan. the sec plans to open eight new radio waves up for nationwide use. that is business. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> thank you. >> 62 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll check the traffic and weather together. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what are your predictions for the baltimore ravens this season? e-mail your response to
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>> a man on this surfing off the coast of california and became paralyzed. >> but he was writing the surf on a different type. it is a tarp surf, and for him, it was a good way to relive the the exhilaration of the surf. >> i used to have a good time
5:26 am
when i served to. >> after becoming paralyzed in a surfing axa, bobby was riding the waves once again. >> we went tarp surfing. we ride through it like your surfing. >> after seeing people tarp serve, his friends thought it would be a good birthday present for him. he got what he wanted for a decade. >> deeper for the rights or the left? >> he cannot do what he loves to do. just getting a piece of that is a good thing. >> bobby had been a talented surfer with the dream of going professional. he went through difficult times coping with this. he is now editing surf movies and counseling those who have
5:27 am
become paralyzed. >> i feel healthy. there are hard times. like this. come here and do tarp surfing. i never thought that i would be doing this. for other people, they can do it, too. >> that is pretty cool. he has some great friends. 62 degrees on tv hill. coming up in the next half-hour -- >> new information on the underground fire in little italy that caused a big power outage yesterday. >> we had some much-needed rain to close the weekend. things are pretty quiet right now. >> good morning. a busy ride for motorists on northbound 95 in cecil county. northbound 95 in cecil county. thre
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definite

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